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Beyond Winter's Darkness

In August, one of the US’s best actors and funnymen, Robin Williams, passed away from acute depression. He took his own life.

Different levels of depression, suicidal thoughts and other mental illnesses are unfortunately no stranger to many of us.

Struggling with these issues after the loss of a loved one, job, relationship, significant lifestyle change, bank account or just dealing with “life” has become customary, especially with the vast changes in lifestyle, economics and basic day-to-day living many of us now face. Today, one in 10 people in Monmouth County alone cannot feed themselves (Foodbank).

This winter, take the time to cleanse your mind of these anxieties, depressions, fears and other issues. Reach out to your local health practitioner before it’s too late. Remember, there is always help. There is always hope.

Here are two very different, but highly effective therapists for your consideration and needs:

Helena Banker, BS, MSSW. Interlaken. A Holocaust survivor, Ms. Banker is a highly effective clinical social worker with 20 years of experience working with all age groups and populations. Her training is in cognitive behavioral therapy. She has experience in group therapy, crisis intervention, creative program development, family counseling and addiction counseling.

Her patient specialties are trauma, PTSD, post partum depression, life transitions, empty nest, Holocaust, loss, divorce, anxiety and chronic distress. Ms. Banker is a sensitive psychotherapist there to help you cope with life’s challenges. 732.695.3581.

Chris DeSerio, MA, CHt. Asbury Park, Jersey City. Trace Medium and Tutor, Spirit Rescue Medium, Energetic Healer, Metaphysical Instructor. Chris, “The Jersey Shore Medium,” believes that mental illness is energetic; that a weakened mental and physical state attracts energy and draws it in. Even though, through clinical diagnostic interviewing he has committed people to hospitals, he believes that treating clients can be done through their chakras (energy centers), energetic body, and aura by connecting them with spirit. “I have a free-flowing way of meeting people where they’re at

essentially. It’s not about me drawing them to my way of thinking. It’s more of a journey of us together to reach the greater direction or conclusions that suits them best.” 201.233.4838.

The most important thing is to get through life’s hardships, be them mental, physical, emotional, financial or romantic. You can’t always do it alone and seeking out a competent therapist to help you isn’t a sign of weakness or failure. It’s a sign of intelligence.

Both therapists above offer sliding scales for financially challenged patients. Call one today.

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