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If you live in the area, and you eat pizza, you know TJ’s Pizza.

A Main Street staple since ’82, TJ’s, owned by brothers Sam and Tony Dalia, serves up delicious traditional and specialty pies. The Dalias have been making pizza since 1970, starting with Sam and Tony’s father’s store in New York. That’s a lot of decades dedicated to making one of the Jersey Shore’s favorite foods, and you can taste that experience in every bite.

TJ’s keeps it fresh by continually updating its offerings. On the rise in popularity are its new barbecue chicken deep dish, Grandma, and Coney Island square pizzas. Other menu items include stromboli, calzones, subs, pasta dinners, and cheesesteaks. Bookend your meal by turning up the heat with buffalo wings and cooling down with the tiramisu.

Says Sam Dalia, “We’re having a good summer. It used to be in the summer we were very slow, because everyone would leave Asbury. Now we’re busy, because it turned out everybody’s coming here for the summer, which for 30 years that never was the case. We’re happy about that.” He adds that he hopes to see some of the redevelopment that’s happening in Asbury Park focus on Main Street. “We think it’s slowly moving up this way. Main Street really needs to be shaped up. We would like to see that. Slowly but surely, it looks like it’s coming this way. We’re not complaining, though. We’ve had a good time here, and we’re very fortunate.”

Go to for the full menu and end-of-summer coupon specials.

The details:


709 Main Street, Asbury Park

Hours: Monday-Friday, 11:30 a.m-11 p.m.; Saturday, Noon-11 p.m.; Sunday, Noon-10 p.m.


Lynn DeRocco

DeRocco Editorial Services, Writing and Editing

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