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Acting Asbury - Joe Sernio from Shoreline Media

Who would have thought that building websites in a TV show dressing room would lead to a full time production of business, acting and motivational speaking?

If one were to walk in award-winning Joe Sernio’s path, one would find that the life of an actor was not something that this professional had originally pursued. Beginning his career in the “world of computers,” Sernio graduated from the Chubb Institute of Technology receiving Computer Technical Support and Network Administrative degrees.

Pushing ahead, he worked in the field for Marc Echo, G-Unit Clothing and other NYC companies for about a year, until a tragic event entirely changed his life. He lost his beloved father. Faced with this loss, Sernio turned away from computers and took on the responsibility of becoming co-owner of his family’s Jersey City restaurant, 4 Fifty 5 Restaurant Bar & Lounge. There, however, the doors of destiny opened wide open for young Sernio, and suddenly more opportunity awaited him.

“I was 20 years old, working 7 days a week, as a partner in the family restaurant,” recounts Joe. “After a while I said to myself, if I have gotten this far in my life, why not keep going?”

Close to NYC, Joe started acting classes and began studying with some of the top acting coaches in the city. He soon added acting to his resume and quickly became known for his work on AS THE WORLD TURNS, ALL MY CHILDREN, RESCUE ME, and a number of notable independent films. His success earned him the “2011 Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award” from the Garden State Film Festival, which then brought him back to the Jersey Shore, where he bought a home.

“With the fall of soap operas and some other TV shows, a lot of downtime in the industry resulted, and I decided to go back to my computer career and open my own business.”

Beginning the company in the basement of his home in Brielle, NJ, it grew to a point where he needed office space. Since Joe was spending all of his free time in Asbury Park, that was the natural choice to relocate and hang his official corporate shingle for his company, Shoreline Media Marketing. In the past 3 years, Shoreline Media Marketing has grown to add in-house talent for Web Programming and Social Media, and has clients in several other states including Arizona, Florida, LA, and Oregon. Its services now showcase state-of-the-art Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing for all types of businesses.

There are many things that build a business – Honesty, Quality Work, Customer Service and Trust, but the clients and their success stories are what keep us going,” says Sernio.

Still very actively involved in acting, Sernio continues to appear on several television shows as well as in film. In his spare time he is involved with many charities, film festivals, and other venues that give him an opportunity to speak to the younger generation on the challenges and benefits of what he’s learned on his incredible journey.

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