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Welcome to the PREMIERE Issue of Asbury Park Zest

Welcome to the PREMIERE issue of Asbury Park Zest, inspired by that special ingredient that brings a heightened sense of excitement to life, food, friendship, community, and commerce.

Asbury Park Zest has been created for “our favorite city,” Asbury Park, which for a number of decades was in decay and ruins, but now has a lot to offer. Artistic and emotional investments from its residents and leaders, especially the rainbow community, real estate developers, local entrepreneurs, and the city’s tried-and-true musicians and artists have collectively led it to its present renaissance that is making an impact worldwide. Asbury Park is now a rising phoenix, and this comeback city has a lot to brag about.

Asbury Park Zest will spotlight different elements and individuals in the city, and will be published twice a year — Summer and Holiday. Statewide marketing will follow.

This first issue wouldn’t have been possible without the love of my mother and new Asbury Park resident, “Catt” Arico; Asbury Park’s angel, Ann Laboda; my life friend and coach, Norma Gabriele Lynch; the friendship and mentorship of wellness executives and juice basin spokesmodels, Regine “Reggie” Flimlin and Enrique Wegel; my first publisher and friend, the mighty Michele Lanfrank; and my artistic soulmate, Michael Herbertson.

For all of my other peeps that I love and adore, thank you too. And of course, thank you to all of our advertisers, contributors and staff! This is going to be a really fun gig, and one that I hope will bring new and zestful excitement to your life, the way it has to mine.

Warm regards, ~Vanessa

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